The Story Of How I Got My First Pair Of Yeezy’s

The Story Of How I Got My First Pair Of Yeezy’s

Yeezys have been some of the hottest shoes in the game for a while now. But with Kanye’s promise of Yeezys for everyone, increasing stock numbers and way more frequent releases, models such as the 350 v2 have lost quite a bit of steam. Yeezys are no longer selling out and it has been common among more recent releases to find the kicks sitting in stores even days after the initial drop and some models such as the Yeezy boost 700 “Mauve” and the Yeezy boost 350 v2 “Butter” often selling under retail on StockX.

All of this has led a lot of people to believe Yeezys are finally dead, but I think otherwise. Though, I do admit, Yeezys have lost a ton of hype in recent months, they are far from dead for one simple reason: people still want them. Though they may not sell out immediately, all new colourways or models or restocks eventually sell out. People are still buying Yeezys because people still want Yeezys, and I’m one of those people.

I didn’t always love Yeezys, to be honest, I found the first two models (Yeezy boost 350 v1 and 750) absolutely atrocious. That all changed with the release of the 350 v2. The v2 was finally a design I liked and a Yeezy I could get behind. Every new colorway seemed better than the last, but for me, there was one that stood out from all the others, the semi frozen yellow. Though most people then (and now) ridiculed me for liking what they called the “McYeezy” or “Piss yellow”, I always loved them though. The bright yellow upper with those beautiful steel blue stripes never failed to catch my eye and I’ve always loved gum soles. With the first release being so limited I could only dream of copping one, but with the restock I finally saw my chance.

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The story begins on the day of the restock. I sat at my laptop with the Yeezy page open on the FootLocker website waiting for the countdown to finally reach 0. The thing is though, as soon as the countdown went to 5 seconds, the site crashed. So naturally I began frantically refreshing the page and opened the link in 6 more tabs and after a while finally got on the waitlist to get on the site. So while this was happening I decide to open the FootAction site and to my surprise there was no waitlist! I was pretty excited as I added a pair of US10 Yeezys to my cart only to find out that my country wasn’t available as a billing address… I think its safe to say I was SEVERELY disappointed, but oh well. By this time I see that two of the FootLocker tabs have gone through and I added the Yeezys to my cart yet again and finally ordered them. But this story is far from over.

The next day I open my and find an email from FootLocker customer care where I read those 5 dreadful words- “Your order has been cancelled“. I was yet again disappointed, but this time I had no chance of getting them online. I tried reaching out to FootLocker via email and even on twitter and heard for 3 days heard back nothing.

The next day I had just about accepted that I was never going to get my hands on a pair of frozen yellows when I get a text from a friend in NYC. I had told him a while ago that I was hoping to cop the Yeezys and luckily he remembered. He said he saw them in a store and luckily remembered I wanted them. He said he was busy but asked me if he should go back later to buy them. I swear I’ve never said yes faster in my life. He bought them a while later and sent me photos and I couldn’t believe they were finally there.

Later that evening I heard back from FootLocker. Apparently they don’t accept credit cards from my country and thats why the order had to be cancelled, which is odd because they had the option for me to set it as the billing address. Nevertheless, I guess the lesson is I should do my research better next time I try to buy a pair of hyped shoes.

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