Are Resellers Ruining Sneaker Culture?

Are Resellers Ruining Sneaker Culture?

As the popularity of sneaker collecting and sneaker culture grows by the day, bots and resellers seem to be depleting the stock of most sought after drops, making it harder and harder for actual collectors and enthusiasts to cop sneakers at retail and raising the question: Are resellers ruining sneaker culture?

The obvious answer for most sneaker heads would be yes, resellers buying up all the stock and hiking up prices takes out the fun from and raises the cost of being a sneaker head and therefore is bad for the culture. We often see resellers post photos on Instagram or twitter of tens of pairs of some of the most sought after shoes sometimes even the same day they drop, understandably enraging some of the sneaker heads who are unable to cop even a single pair, and leading them to think that they are bad for the culture.

Benjamin “Kicks” Kapelushnik

Personally, I look at it from another angle. In my opinion reselling is one of the most integral and defining features of sneaker culture, I mean where else do you see used goods selling for more than they were bought for. Reselling is part of the reason sneaker culture has gained such prominence in recent years with crazy stories of resellers like Benjamin Kicks being at the forefront of spreading it’s message and ideas. Resellers are often the people that create hype around sneakers and their sometimes ridiculous prices can both, attract new consumers and entice companies to produce similar sneakers in order to capitalise on the demand created by the resellers, giving sneaker heads more designs and colorways to collect. So while resellers may buy up all the pairs and enrage a couple sneaker heads in line, their overall effect on the culture is extremely beneficial and makes them an important part of the sneaker game.

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